Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Getting back to "normal"

I am sad to say,
but my trip back to Illinois was the last one to visit my grandpa.
He passed away on the morning of April 1.
I am so glad that I was there for a few short days before, that I was there when he went, and that I was able to stay and be there for the funeral.
He is the only grandpa I've had, so it's going to be strange now.
Unfortunately, dementia/Alzheimer's is a terrible disease that makes someone into a new, unrecognizable being of that person.
My grandpa wasn't in much physical pain until the very end, but he was not the same person as who his family knows him as being.
It was hard to say goodbye for the last time. We've all been saying goodbye for 3 years.
But now it's final. 
But, we know we will see him again. My hope is in heaven. I know my grandpa and brother are livin' it up, camping, singing.
I believe these things are in heaven, and that we know who our loved ones are.
I know it's not the same as earth, but I also know that my God will allow me to see my loved ones again and know who they are.

So...I'm finally getting back to "normal"...whatever that means.  :)
I'll be posting Hillary's 13 week photos either today or tomorrow. And then once I figure out how to get pictures off of my phone, I'll be posting my 2nd week of my photo-a-day challenge. Which, being in Illinois, it was a challenge! But I managed, using my phone and ipod at times, to fit in a photo!

I have some kind of random odd jobs that I have/will be doing, so I'll post some from those too when I have them.

.over and out.


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