Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 5

Life must have been normal for me this week, as all of my photos were actually taken with my camera.

Not much to say about Abby's big snout

Andrew and I made this delicious cherry and strawberry pie. It turned out surprisingly great!

Another bag hiding moment for Nala

Easter decor

For whatever reason, I bought a butternut squash from the grocery store this day. I later found a recipe that looked easy enough in the Joy of Cooking. I went back and bought another squash the next day and didn't turn out as good as the pie.

Anybody know what this is? My dad might. It's an ortho dial. The fertilizer guy said to use dish soap in it and spray it on areas of the yard where Abby consistently walks, and it should help the run down grass. And it's working wonders actually!

I enjoyed some reading in the grass

Hope you all had a grass-reading, pie-making kind of week!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hillary Week 17

Hillary and Jake were both sick this past week so we did not get any 17 week photos. Kinda bummer, but life happens. Look for the "surprise guest" pics next week! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 4

I photograph my pets quite often. What can I say; they're basically my kids. I don't know why I was still doing phone pictures by week 4, but there are two of them...oh well.

Nala sun pic

This fox and her baby were living right across the street from us for awhile. The momma fox has lived in the neighborhood for awhile. We've seen her around since we first moved in here. Pretty sure they were relocated, because they went missing the day after this photo. Andrew saw the baby a couple days later though. Hopefully they're safe wherever they are!

Nala loves bags, boxes, paper...anything she can hide under/in. She's pretty cute.

When Nala yawns she goes cross eyes. Didn't quite catch the full cross-eyes effect, but still funny. She looks so ferocious!

Miss pic

Movie selection for the evening

She used to fit in this basket so much better! She's still such a small cat, but I guess she's gotten a little "fluffier" these days  ;)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hillary Week 16

 So when I said Hillary popped, I guess I could have exaggerated a little bit! I see her at least once a week so I see all the little changes that happen, so for me, she had popped, haha! She wrote "tiny nugget" another letter for this week, but she forgot...typical Hillary  ;)  So I'll update it to this post once I get a photo of it. In my opinion, Hillary was feeling pretty excited this week. Whether she needed them or not, she had bought some maternity clothes, and planted some flowers to spruce up the house a bit. So here's week 16. We'll have a surprise guest in two weeks in some of the week 18 photos!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 3

I apologize if you're on my email list because you may get sick of getting an email every day about a new post! I'm finally catching up on my photos so I'll probably be posting something new every day for the next week. Here's my life in pictures, week the third...I'm enjoying this project, but that's probably because it's my life :)

Some of the many beautiful flowers my grandma received the day after grandpa passed...Ethan, my little cousin, playing baseball at the condo in Southern Illinois. He had a great hit!

 A skunk that we were all fascinated with for some reason...I mean, you know, not like there's a bajillion other skunks in IL! He came up to the backdoor of our condo two nights in a row. We decided to feed him Doritos...he enjoyed them  :)

Biscuit, the newest member to my uncle's family.

These two pictures were both taken driving back to Colorado. Obviously, the St. Louis arch in the first, and entering CO in the second.  Both taken from my phone. One of those times when I didn't get good quality pictures, but I think that's part of what makes this whole project really cool. I'm capturing a photo a day that sums up my day.

My old stinker, Abby. I just had to highlight this one. She's just as much of a morning person as I am. Notice her droopy jowls! Hahaha

By the way, pretty sure if you click on a pictures, it should pop up bigger in a different screen.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photoshoot: 3 BFFs

My friend Jenny, who I used to work with, had me photograph her and her two best friends from Ohio last week when they were here visiting. I haven't done this exact kind of thing before, so it was a fun opportunity for me. We chose to go downtown, 16th street mall, and I kind of just followed them around for about an hour. Three best girl friends = some great moments!  Enjoy...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 2

I finally feel like I'm catching up on some stuff. I've been working on organizing my photo a day pictures and got together week 2, which is March 26-April 1. This was a strange week for me. I unexpectedly left for Illinois, where, as I've already posted about, my grandpa passed away. I wanted to keep doing my photo a day but it was definitely challenging at times...emotionally and technically. For example...well, I'll write more about each photo below...

3.26 - nothing special here...some hot chocolate...ya know...whatever.
                                                                                                3.27 - Denver at night from above

3.28 - Abby being cute

3.29 - Driving to IL - taken on my phone - Driving was one of the times it was technically hard to get a picture!

3.30 - The family at grandma's...each on their own respective ipod or iphone! This was taken on my ipod.

3.31 - Bird and birdhouse outside grandma's sunroom.
4.1 - Emotionally hard to get a picture today. I took this of my ipod with my phone when I was in bed at the end of the night. I didn't think about taking pictures today.    

I'll be posting week 3 later this week, as well as Hillary's 16 week session. Hopefully some stuff from 2 other shoots I did last week too.

.the end.