Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hillary week 27

Between Hillary's baby-moon and my trip to IL, we missed a few weeks. I saw Hillary quite a bit this week, so there's pictures from three different days here. This week she was really wanting to get the nursery as done as she could, and I'm glad I got to help!

Getting the nursery ready for painting...

Keeping the baby safe with the mask!


Jasper did not like that he couldn't come in the room!

Two friends for baby...

The next day I was at Hillary's because she was hosting a Stella & Dot party. She had pickles, and after the party she was talking about how she couldn't stop eating the pickles (I couldn't stop eating cookies!). I of course then just had to take some pickle-eating pictures!

I went to Hillary's two days later to help her finish the curtains. I didn't do anything, but Hillary did a great job!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hillary week 23

For week 23, my husband and I joined Hillary and Jake at the park with their two dogs. Both Hillary and Jake had nice little sunburns from a hike earlier in the day. Hillary had started feeling the baby kick and move this week and she was so excited about that! There are a lot of duck clothing items for babies that are 'gender neutral' (H & J are not finding out the sex)...Hillary managed to find the cutest little duck hat ever! They were also preparing for their 'babymoon' and had some cabin-fever to get to the beach!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hillary Week 22

We missed week 21 somehow amongst my bustle of graduation parties, moving, etc. So here's week 22...

It was a short, quick session after one of the days that I was moving. Hillary and Jake bought our piano from us and we had just moved it into their house. In an attempt to get one half-way decent picture of Hillary with the piano, I got two pretty not-decent pictures! (Gotta love the expression on her face in the last one!)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hillary Week 20

I'm back!
I am sorry I have not been posting for so long. My husband graduated, both our families were visiting, we had a garage sale, and we moved!

So here is Hillary, week 20, on a cold rainy day.

The baby was as long as a banana today...the only banana in the house was going bad! So, Hillary opted for the pretty blue spoon, the same length of the banana! Jake is apparently having empathy pregnancy :)