Thursday, March 31, 2011


Hey peoples...

I am away in Illinois right now. My Grandpa has had dementia for a few years now and just recently he's taken a downward turn. The home health nurse says he has 3-7 more days at this point. I wanted to be here with him and my grandma before he goes Home. A lot of my family is here too; last night when I got into town, my mom, uncle, and one of my cousins were here. A little bit later my other two aunts came as well. It is so nice to have everyone around. 

Anyway...I don't want to write too much...

I just want everyone to know that I will be taking a little break from posting photos on here. I want to be spending time with my family. I have Hillary's 13 week photos that I'll post once I'm back in CO. I will probably miss out on taking week 14 pictures. 

I'm still taking my photo a day, but also won't be posting till I'm back in Colorado and settled down.

Any prayers for my family would be appreciated. My grandma says she's ok, but I know she is very sad and that it is hard to say good-bye even though it's the best thing for grandpa at this point, and we all knew it was coming eventually. Also prayers for my grandpa's children (my mom, an uncle, and 2 aunts). Once again, they know it's time, but it's still hard.

. Jackie .


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