Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hillary Week 18

Hillary completed her 18th week...she's about halfway there!!! Despite feeling a little large this week, she had a fun week visiting with her sister Katie, who came to Denver to visit.

This is another note Hillary wrote to the baby. It's technically from week 16, and she had forgotten that she wrote it. :)

Belly pics..

When I started taking the maternity photos at week 12, I also started documenting the progress of the nursery. Hillary and Jake decided to convert their office/craft room/etc room into their bedroom, and turn their current bedroom into the nursery. They got their new bedroom all set up and it looks great. No nursery progress quite yet. But as you can see...they had to spend a lot of time working on their bedroom. Pictures from week 12 and week 18...

 Katie brought some baby clothes from Hillary's mom and grandmother with her...(I think Hill said mom & grandma; if I'm wrong about who these came from, I'm sorry!)

A couple more Hillary/belly shots outside...Even though she was feeling large, as you can see she's not really that large, but instead super cute and glowing!

Now the fun sister pictures of Hillary & Katie!

 Some Jasper lovin'


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