Friday, April 29, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 5

Life must have been normal for me this week, as all of my photos were actually taken with my camera.

Not much to say about Abby's big snout

Andrew and I made this delicious cherry and strawberry pie. It turned out surprisingly great!

Another bag hiding moment for Nala

Easter decor

For whatever reason, I bought a butternut squash from the grocery store this day. I later found a recipe that looked easy enough in the Joy of Cooking. I went back and bought another squash the next day and didn't turn out as good as the pie.

Anybody know what this is? My dad might. It's an ortho dial. The fertilizer guy said to use dish soap in it and spray it on areas of the yard where Abby consistently walks, and it should help the run down grass. And it's working wonders actually!

I enjoyed some reading in the grass

Hope you all had a grass-reading, pie-making kind of week!


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