Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 4

I photograph my pets quite often. What can I say; they're basically my kids. I don't know why I was still doing phone pictures by week 4, but there are two of them...oh well.

Nala sun pic

This fox and her baby were living right across the street from us for awhile. The momma fox has lived in the neighborhood for awhile. We've seen her around since we first moved in here. Pretty sure they were relocated, because they went missing the day after this photo. Andrew saw the baby a couple days later though. Hopefully they're safe wherever they are!

Nala loves bags, boxes, paper...anything she can hide under/in. She's pretty cute.

When Nala yawns she goes cross eyes. Didn't quite catch the full cross-eyes effect, but still funny. She looks so ferocious!

Miss pic

Movie selection for the evening

She used to fit in this basket so much better! She's still such a small cat, but I guess she's gotten a little "fluffier" these days  ;)


Rebecca said...

I love the one of Nala looking ferocious (you're right, doesn't look like just a yawn!). Also, how funny that she still tries to fit into that little basket. Wow - a fox - all we have around here are 'possums...

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