Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo-a-Day: Week 3

I apologize if you're on my email list because you may get sick of getting an email every day about a new post! I'm finally catching up on my photos so I'll probably be posting something new every day for the next week. Here's my life in pictures, week the third...I'm enjoying this project, but that's probably because it's my life :)

Some of the many beautiful flowers my grandma received the day after grandpa passed...Ethan, my little cousin, playing baseball at the condo in Southern Illinois. He had a great hit!

 A skunk that we were all fascinated with for some reason...I mean, you know, not like there's a bajillion other skunks in IL! He came up to the backdoor of our condo two nights in a row. We decided to feed him Doritos...he enjoyed them  :)

Biscuit, the newest member to my uncle's family.

These two pictures were both taken driving back to Colorado. Obviously, the St. Louis arch in the first, and entering CO in the second.  Both taken from my phone. One of those times when I didn't get good quality pictures, but I think that's part of what makes this whole project really cool. I'm capturing a photo a day that sums up my day.

My old stinker, Abby. I just had to highlight this one. She's just as much of a morning person as I am. Notice her droopy jowls! Hahaha

By the way, pretty sure if you click on a pictures, it should pop up bigger in a different screen.


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